Since Plecos will mainly stick to the bottom of the tank, the African Cichlids will have plenty of room to roam and shouldn’t get angry. Thanks in advance for your support! When you purchase a shoal of them, they’ll definitely draw people’s attention when they look at your tank. They’re not social butterflies so it may take them some time to warm up to their new roommates. So you may need to cook separate meals when they’re with the African Cichlids. Also, depending on how aggressive your Oscar is and the Africans in the tank, they are likely to fight to the death. However, when the crayfish molts, it’s will become irresistible to cichlids, and they will try to eat the crayfish. Dwarf Pike Cichlids are similar to the West African Kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher) in that they are small, often live in very soft, acidic water and the females have red bellies when they are mature. Most African Cichlids prefer 7.8 – 8.5, which is quite a difference, so I would tend to stick with the naysayers on this one. Pelvicachromis pulcher (African) At three to four inches when fully grown, this fish is also … A water heater is another must-have item in your fish aquarium as African lakes rarely ever get cold. As long as you don’t overstock the tank, don’t put the extremely aggressive cichlids together, and restrict the amount of males in a tank, you shouldn’t have trouble caring for them. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Although most Cichlids would be considered aggressive fish most Cichlids can live with most loaches, catfish, shark species, plecos, and larger tetra species. Red-Tail Sharks are known to be territorial as well and may set up markings on the tank so there’s no mistaking what parts are theirs. The size of the cichlid also depends upon the species. And frankly, if you’re keeping cichlids, you’re probably expecting some action. \"Acei\" (Msuli) Overview of aquariu 120 gallon Marineland Tall Aquarium Universal rock 3d backgrounds lighting system LED'S Marineland double bright 48 inch strip apuatic life 48 inch strip Filtration Fluval fx5 Rena XP 4 Eco complete cichlid sand120 Tall Cichlid Aquarium", But, if you still want to add fish to your African Cichlid tank, you can give these eight fish a try. Like literally. Leopard Bushfish are known carnivores so flakes aren’t going to cut it! For these reasons, don’t expect to see them much. As with the other fish, you’ll want to have more females than males; preferably, 2 to 3 for every male. For more information, please read our disclaimer. They’re bottom feeders so they love to eat algae meaning you don’t have to clean it up. You’ll also need to purchase more than one, so they’re more comfortable in your aquarium. The best companions for the cichlids include: Guppies – Guppies are incredibly popular in community tanks, mainly because they are easy to … While most Cichlids are too aggressive for most community tanks there are a few more docile Cichlids that can be used in a community tank such as; Angelfish, Rams & Apistogramma. For food, have bloodworms, brine shrimp, and plenty of flake or pellet food on hand for the Botia Loach. Ram cichlids are ideal for community tanks.

  • Black Phantom Tetra
  • A Cichlids diet is varied; some like to eat algae while others prefer small insects and fish. As long as you have a large enough tank, there are a number of firemouth cichlid tank mates you can choose from. When setting up your tank, you will have to make sure you try to recreate the same atmosphere or surroundings. Thanks in advance for your support! Ram cichlids (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) make popular alternatives for aquarists who love cichlids but don’t have a lot of tank space. Suitable tank mates include other Dwarf Cichlids, Angelfish, Gouramis, Corydoras, Plecosotums, Otocinclus, Loaches, Tetras, Barbs, Hatchet fish, Killifish, Livebearers and Rainbowfish. You can choose from shades of blue, orange, green, yellow, and red. Can African Cichlids Live with South American Cichlids, Can African Cichlids Live with Clown Loaches, Can African Cichlids Live with Jack Dempseys, Can African Cichlids Live with Flowerhorn, Can African Cichlids Live with Silver Dollars, Can African Cichlids Live with Bala Sharks, Can African Cichlids Live with Tiger Barbs. The African Red Eyed Tetra can get fairly large so you want to make sure it has enough room to swim around the tank, especially if it is with the African Cichlids. They are peaceful fish that likes to live in groups of 5 or more – they are shoaling fish. If you’re a fan of gouramis but don’t have a large enough tank, the dwarf gourami is a good alternative. Any fish that is small, docile, and not aggressive should not be mixed in with the African Cichlids. Any aggressive sort of fish shouldn’t be housed with electric blue rams. You should also avoid housing your electric blues with other types of dwarf cichlids. The Zebra Mbuna has a bright blue body with around eight to 10 black vertical stripes on the body. See also breeding apistos here Choosing the correct species It has a jerky swimming style that is interesting to watch. However, the group only has one male at a time, as the males are particularly territorial and aggressive. They also have a blue-colored head and bright blue highlight on the tail and at the ends of the fins, which counters the earthy dark gray spots on the fish’s boy.


    Apistos cichlids get along well with a variety of tank mates. However, we suggest you provide them a healthy amount of protein obtained through flakes and pellets and include live plants in the tank set up to ensure they get the best of both worlds. "name": "World's Greatest relaxing African Cichlid Aquarium", If not you’ll see the aggressive side of both fish come out! Jack Dempsey has over 20 years of experience with freshwater aquariums. However, I believe that most dwarfs are highly adaptable and will thrive in many different types of environments as long as they are complex environments.

    Ram's are very peaceful, beautiful, and easy to care for making them a beautiful dwarf cichlid that’s great for people who are new to keeping fish. 

    While docile, they can be too touchy in water requirements.

    If you’re looking for the ideal tank mates for your blue rams, here are 12 of the best ones to choose from.

    However, they can become aggressive when it comes to spawning time. Remember to keep the. They’re known to do so and it’s perfectly normal. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. They are colorful fish, and different types have different patterns. The Red Tail Shark derived its name from its beautiful sleek black body that … Best Cichlid Tank Mates Members of the dwarf cichlid group, these gorgeous fish require less room than some of their larger counterparts. Make sure you actually calculate the exact amount of water in the tank after adding in the decorations before deciding on the number of fish to put in. Read our article about Cichlids for a 10-gallon tank. Care level: Easy (they’re a very hardy fish) Max size of fish: 6.3 inches Temperature range: 65 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 7.0 to 8.4. Kuhli loaches are extremely shy, plus they’re active during nighttime. Some African Cichlids can also survive for up to 15 years in an aquarium. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Since African Cichlids are known to be territorial and aggressive, it’s best to keep them with fish of their own kind. In our African Cichlid care guide, we have covered all basic points to get you acquainted with the species and understand their basic needs. It is its tail and fins that depict beautiful patterns and capture the attention.

    "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can Electric Blue Ram live with guppies? With that said, you don’t want to have African Cichlids from closely related species together because they may produce undesirable hybrids. "interactionCount": "405693" Lamprologus Ocellatus are residents of the African lake of Tanganyika. Care level: Easy Max size of fish: 4.5 inches Temperature range: 77 to 78.5 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6 to 8. Earlier its scientific name was Paplilochromis ramirezi and Apistogramma ramirezi, but in 1998 it was renamed into Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. In most cases, the Jack Dempsey can grow up to 10″ in size and will become very territorial. Those that keep them together state that African Cichlids can out-maneuver and hide before ever getting injured from the flower horn. Even little caves make great additions to the African Cichlid tank. {"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"What kind of fish can you put with Cichlids? How Many Neon Tetras Can You Keep in a 30 Gallon Tank? The males in the species feature a bright yellow colored body with a blue mouth and slight blue colored accents on the body, whereas the females feature a blue body with yellow shading here and there.

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