In the spring, look for bedding bass in canals, creeks and at the back of large flats. Hit up Lake Harris for 4 hours of non-stop fun, as you go after some of the most exciting and sought-after freshwater fish in the country. Algae is a microscopic plant. swimming and water skiing, but due to the low visibility and large population of alligators, it is not a popular activity. Competition waters include all waters of the Harris Chain of Lakes (Big Lake Harris, Lake Apopka, Lake Griffin, Lake Eustis, Lake Dora, Lake Carlton, Horeshow Lake, Little Lake Harris, Lake Denham and Lake Bueclair) and the canals within this chain. September 2, 2020. Big blades in sizes of #7 and #8 in both single and tandem, with either Colorado or Willowleaf blades, can be a matter of personal preference. Griffin is a bit unique in that there are several marshes that have been opened to fishing around the lake. This small impoundment is Alabama’s youngest reservoir and its got to be “Alabama’s Best Big Bass Lake”. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including crappie, bream/bluegill, rainbow trout, walleye, smallmouth bass and bullhead here. flipping technique. has hosted 17 major tournaments at the fishery. Depending upon the time of year, the wind Fish hard, but keep everything in the right perspective and you will have fun and be a better fisherman in the Lake Harris - fishing in Leesburg, Florida. Fishing Description: Largemouth bass fishing is productive along deepwater edges of vegetation and in canals. Tired of fishing the same spots? Ride around the lakes and look for Kissimmee Grass with reeds, cat tails or pads mixed in. His limit of 9-0 on Day 2 was significantly less than the tournament-best 22-9 he caught a day earlier, but it was enough for him to punch his ticket into the 2021 Bassmaster Classic. with orange groves on every hill as far as you could see. Lake Harris is a fantastic fishing area in Florida and is extremely popular with bass fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Use heavy line, just enough weight to get through the grass and your favorite plastic bait. Kissimmee grass grows on hard bottom in one to six feet of water and is prime fish Priority Registration by Mar 15, 2021 Balance Due by Feb 22, 2021 Late Fees Apply on Feb 22, 2021 Final Registration by Mar 15, 2021 problem...learn it! See their tournament trial link: Alabama’s best paying bass tournament trails and annual events! Impounded 1983 Monster fish roam this grass and you can It's also the home of lots of bait fish and hungry bass looking for a quick See first! Day 1 & 2 & 3 : 3:30 PM ET Venetian Gardens - Ski Beach 201 E Lake Harris Drive Leesburg, FL 34748 Important Dates. TALLAPOOSA RIVER IMPOUNDMENT’S green blanket a few inches thick. enjoyed and relished. The fall season usually starts within a week of the first real cool snap in mid October. When you find the bait you find the bass. Bass can be caught on topwater plugs, plastic worms are a … Dozens of largemouth bass from 12-16 pounds have been caught in the past dozen years from Jan-March on Lake Harris. flipping for Florida bass click Javascript DHTML Drop Down Menu Powered by the entire landscape was covered with dark green orange groves and large vegetable farms. However, Colorado blades are better felt by the angler and produce more vibrations in cold water for the bass to home in on. LAKE HARRIS Try several different sizes of each lure, various styles and experiment with lure colors. Summer Bass Fishing Lake Harris on the Tallapoosa River System. habitat. and won't normally move far to your bait. * Looking for new or used boat? Lake Harris Winter Fishing Tips. Download over 590+ fishing spots in Harris Chain of Lakes, Florida, US . It is possible to selectively fish these spots and come back to the ramp with a consistent limit LEESBURG, Fla. — Jordan Wiggins won the Bassmaster Team Championship Classic Fish-Off tournament on Harris Chain of Lakes with a two-day total of 10 bass that weighed 31 pounds, 9 ounces. Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks , and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 35 miles radius of Harris Chain of Lakes. March Harris Chain Fishing Report for Trophy Largemouth Bass. Vary your lures and leader lengths on the Carolina rig. Year in and year out, the best all around lure for finding fish on the Chain is a crankbait. Fish slowly around pads, grass points, boat docks and along canal ledges, keeping your lure as close to cover as possible. Official Phoenix Bass Fishing League Rules. Lake Level: Down for winter pool, Winter Bass Fishing Lake Harris on the Tallapoosa River System. Experimenting with trailers of pork, plastic chunks or crayfish imitations, attached to the hook of the jig, will help you determine the day’s bite. Lake Harris in April In anticipation of heavy spring rains, Lake Harris is often still down for winter pool during April. Two colors work especially well here; June bug and Black/Blue. green hills draped in hanging moss. I vividly remember Little and Big Lake Harris Fall Bass Fishing Lake Harris on the Tallapoosa River System. meal. The depth in the grass varies from a few inches to 5-6 feet. trophy fish are what these lakes are known for. of fish. This shoreline cover is prime flipping territory, especially in March and April. March Harris Chain Fishing Report. * NOW AVAILABLE – The “Reed Montgomery signature series” perfect Zara Spook Fishing rod! Lipless crankbaits get the nod for shallow conditions and divers running close to cover work in all depths. Be safe this winter season! worms work year round along with crankbaits, spinnerbaits and top water lures. On Big Lake Harris, the area around Ninth Street is another good area.” At its northeastern edge, Lake Harris connects to Lake Eustis through the Lake Harris Dead River, a misnomer for this fertile, one-mile-long natural pass. Huge oaks reflecting on the water sit high on The water under the algae layer is actually pretty clear. Many of these bass will be over 5 pounds, so you want to use heavier tackle. Tiger Rodz make great gifts for any occasion! Generally speaking, the deeper canals have better Fishing for largemouth bass on the Harris Chain of Lakes (Griffin) was an absolute blast this weekend. Strong winds Many 10 and 11 pound fish are caught each year. Deep-diving crankbaits and rattletraps fished with a stop-and-go retrieve, long casts, and a very slow presentation, entice these somewhat sluggish bass into biting. Big bass are found all throughout Lake Harris. The bream and bluegill spawn is still going on strong. Test your skills against Largemouth and Striped Bass, as you get your fishing fix, before heading home with plenty of creatures to fill the freezer. Gold blades are better seen by the bass during stained water conditions. “Lake County is the premier destination for visitors to experience ‘Real Florida. Go to:, * Looking for fishing rods, reels, fishing tackle and hunting items? expect to be broken off occasionally, even using 25 pound test. The winter and early spring are primetime for crappie fishing on the Harris Chain. Adjust your tactics to match the conditions by using noisy lures like Rattle Traps, spinner baits and large plastic worms. Haines Creek, the Dead River, spoons in depths of 10-25 feet (or deeper) can entice some big bass bites. schools of bait fish like shad, golden shiners, crappies and pan fish feeding a large population of Your harris chain fishing forecast, by Southern Tackleworks, for the month of April covering Bass, Panfish, Crappie, and the techniques used to catch them. Use a shallow running crankbait like a Rattle Trap to find eel grass. This impoundment of Lake Harris inundated the Big Tallapoosa River and the Little Tallapoosa River. When fishing a canal, try the center of the canal, not just the shoreline. If you are fishing in shallow water areas and you are quiet you might hear the bluegill … Competition waters include all waters of the Harris Chain of Lakes (Big Lake Harris, Lake Apopka, Lake Griffin, Lake Eustis, Lake Dora, Lake Carlton, Horeshow Lake, Little Lake Harris, Lake Denham and Lake Bueclair) and the canals within this chain. This could be the last reservoir to be built in Alabama for a long time. Look for grass beds with at least 3 feet of water containing a mixture of plants. Where to Fish in Big Lake Harris . The lock into Griffin drops several feet from Eustis and Harris. largemouth bass, birds and other predators. Crappie fishing will be picking up with small jigs and minnows. We have the best Harris Chain of Lakes fishing spots. The bigger fish will be staging close to the mouth of canals, creeks or the Dead River. the Leesburg 9th Street lagoon, Helena Run and the Palatlakaha River are We Are Bass Fishing. Lures fished around deep points, islands, humps and old river channel ledges should include; 1/2 ounce rattling jigs with pork or plastic trailers-black and blue or brown and orange combinations, Carolina-rigged lizards, worms or crayfish imitations-natural colors in clear water and darker colors of black, brown or purple in stained water conditions. Created by: made right here in Alabama! Go to:, Fishing Alabama • Reed's Guide Service • Reed Montgomery, Bass Fishing During the Winter Season Months of January and February on Alabama's Lakes, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day are Always a Sign That Winter is on Its Way, August 19 2020 Reed Montgomery Battles Pancreatic Stone After 5 Years Cancer Free/Reeds Guide Service, PART TWO / JULY Lay Lake on Alabama's Coosa River System for Deep, Summertime Bass, Lay Lake on Alabama's Coosa River System for Deep Summertime Bass By Reed Montgomery. It may not look pretty to you, but it does to the bass. Most of the visible cover in the Harris Chain is Kissimmee Grass. Here are their locations: Venetian … The enclosed area makes fish easier to find and most anglers have less trouble catching these resident fish. The mouth of Little Lake Harris under the Highway 19 bridge and the canal mouths can provide really good fishing. The effect was to super inject the Harris Chain with nutrients, particularly phosphorus Real Close.’ and is home to the best bass fishing lakes in the southeastern United States.” The bountiful bass fishing at this storied location is just one reason why B.A.S.S. driving the fish to the center. Slow … direction and the weather, Harris Chain water color can vary from clear to green to light brown. Most of the visible cover in the Harris Chain is Kissimmee Grass. Summertime patterns continue through September. Because of our low water visibility and high Almost year around you can locate bass along the deepwater edges of vegetation and in the canals. fishing Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. In my younger days, I won a number of South Florida bass tournaments If the pads are next to the opening of a canal, Class” are caught in or near deep water, especially when water temperatures are in the low 50′s-down into the low 40′s. has a rod for every type of fishing situation. Partly because of these nutrients, the Harris Chain is a highly prolific and diverse fishery. But most customers on this chain of lakes prefer using artificial lures. Spinnerbaits also take a lot of these tackle-testing giants, from the shallow to deep water drop-offs. During impoundment, wood cover was left in Lake Harris to enhance the growth of the many resident bass, most of which once lived in surrounding farm ponds, small lakes and creeks, including native bass species. There is a small but serviceable ramp located on the east side of Little Lake Harris in the City of Astatula. Capt Gino Losi, Central Florida Fishing, Fishing Reports, Harris Chain, Largemouth Bass. * Gift Certificates are available online by e-mailing . comes into it's own during the spawning season when the biggest bass of the year are shallow. Official Abu Garcia College Fishing Rules. This is a great time of the year to book your own guided charter on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Areas with different types of cover like Kissimmee grass, reeds, cattails, eel grass, hydrilla, lily pads in the same area will hold the bigger and better sized fish. Eel grass is a flat green colored grass that grows in fairly shallow water. × High percentage spots include eel grass beds, pads, drop offs and ridges. long run. Birds and wildlife of all description go about their lives making a living without visiting specific spots instead of patterning large visible weed beds. Spinnerbaits. LAKE HARRIS Impounded 1983 Lake Level: Down 10 feet. quickly learned that I didn't know anything about Harris Chain bass or how to catch them. Current conditions, fishing reports, maps, water levels, boating, camping, articles, blogs, and photos. For more information about Alabama’s biggest, trophy largemouth bass are taken from this small lake each winter. When I moved to Central Florida, I is a common occurrence and an eight or nine pound fish is nice, but not all that rare. A five pound bass in these lakes Once you locate this grass, fish the area thoroughly with a worm, Senco or spinnerbait. Little Lake Harris is a lake located just 1.2 miles from Howey in the Hills, in Lake County, in the state of Florida, United States. * Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? The fall bite continues and runs right up to Christmas where the whole pr… Always call on Reeds Guide Service! Big Lake Harris offers three launching ramps open to the public. LAKE HARRIS Impounded 1983 Lake Level: Down 10 feet. waters are much better fisheries than our clear waterski lakes. Look for isolated pads out in the open or away from the main shoreline. 201 E Lake Harris Drive Leesburg, FL 34748 Weigh-In. In fifty years of bass fishing, I know of no better place to consistently catch really big bass. Many stumps, standing timber and brush have long since deteriorated away or broken off, due to severe lake draw down each year (the lake is drawn down from 8 feet to 15 feet at times during winter months). here. all the better. In The Harris Chain of Lakes is one of the most productive fisheries to land trophy largemouth bass. Alabama’s biggest, trophy largemouth bass are taken from this small lake each winter. When the sun shines on the water it causes these tiny plants to bloom covering the water like a Heavier model spinnerbaits are favorites due to water depths, castability and generally bigger bass bites. “I started fishing Jordan, Shearon Harris and Falls right away,” he said. Choose your lure to match the water depth and structure conditions. Tiger Rodz. Very slow presentations are needed during slow bite periods and stained water. Techniques for the Harris Chain of Lakes can range from flipping visible shoreline vegetation to carolina rigging main lake ledges. Since the Harris Chain lakes have cleared in recent years, eel grass is replacing Kissimmee grass as preferred bass habitat. pesticides into the lakes for years at a time. Panzironi earned $6,000 for his victory. The Harris Chain is deeper than most natural Florida lakes and the lack of obvious offshore cover makes Harris Chain bass harder to locate. Special order rods and fly rods too! Some huge bass are caught on these combos each winter in water depths of 5 to 25 feet deep. Lake Harris Lodge (352-343-4111) is a fish camp located on Lake Harris off of US Hwy 19 south of Tavares, and Palm Gardens (352-343-2024) is located on US Hwy 441 near Tavares. and nitrogen. This is classic power fishing where the object is to cover as much water as possible. Always wear your life jacket and outboard motor kill switch and always dress warm and bring along spare clothes! Back in the early seventies when I first started fishing the Harris Chain, Lake County looked much different than it does now. The tourists and snow birds don't really start to arrive until after Thanksgiving. The numerous Harris Chain canals are full of pads, grass, drop offs and underwater structure. fishing pressure, Harris Chain bass have a very small strike zone Year round a spinnerbait is one of my go-to baits on the Harris Chain. Use chrome patterns on sunny days and chartreuse or shad colors in low light. Eric Panzironi of Longwood, Florida, brought a five-bass limit to the scale Saturday weighing 24 pounds, 12 ounces to win the 2021 Bass Fishing League tournament at Harris Chain of Lakes in Leesburg, Florida. Texas rigged plastic Rattle traps, crankbaits, texas rigged worms and topwater buzzbaits are also effective techniques. Panzironi Sacks 24 Pounds on Harris to Win First Gator Division Event 1w • MLF • Phoenix Bass Fishing League A beautiful spring day on the Harris Chain is one of God's wonderful gifts and should be During inclement weather, these spots make a good place for fishing. * Or you can call always call on Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 for fishing Harris lake or any Alabama lake, year round! However, during the spawning season, January through April, the shallower canals also hold large fish and the water clarity can The best way to fish this cover is by using the flipping technique. seemingly featureless water is challenging, but not impossible. He grew up near Georgia’s Lake Lanier and lived close to Lake Hartwell in South Carolina before moving to Apex, North Carolina, in the early 1990s. Suggestions;, Use Berkley’s Trilene Big Game monofilament or fluorocarbon line in the 15-25 pound test category, with most of these lures. Anglers usually troll or drift the open water using live crappie minnows or small crappie jigs. Off Limits: Standard MLF BIG5 off limits plus entire bay at Venetian Gardens. Each spawning season, this lake gets fired up with some incredible bass fishing action. This means that you must become a better structure fisherman and learn to fish Low visibility positions bass shallower and makes them easier to catch. The best place to start is the canals. Guided fishing trips on the Harris Chain can be done two ways, live-bait can be used and at times produces larger fish. A small white roadrunner jig has been my go-to for catching them. The best way to fish this cover is by using the flipping technique. Use heavy line, just enough weight to get through the The Harris Chain is full of shad, shiners, blue gills and other forage. Many bass exceeding the “Magical 10 lb. No other Alabama man made reservoir can stake claim to so many trophy sized largemouth bass being taken in years past. To consistently catch big Harris Chain bass, you must learn the Flipping works year round, but The bass start moving shallow this time of year and begin to feed actively, preparing themselves for the spawn. Flipping solves that Try trolling at different depths to find where the crappie are holding. Harris Big Lake Harris is ringed with Kissimmee grass, pads, reeds and cattails. DAY When the temperature rises in mid-eastern Alabama the fishing gets hot at Lake Harris. Vertical jigging 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Look for main lake points, small islands of grass/pads or any area that It’s technically the last lake on the Harris Chain and is the one that Apopka, Harris and all the rest drain into. fishing. Rattle traps, crankbaits, texas rigged worms and topwater buzzbaits are also effective techniques. be right for sight fishing. This especially holds true while winter fishing around wood and rock cover in the mid to lower lake region. Walmart or worrying about their mutual funds. Most of the anglers will be fishing the docks and sides, This is my favorite time to fish as the lakes are mostly deserted. In the spring, tournament winning weights regularly exceed 25-30 pounds for a daily 5 fish limit. areas hold fish and are easy to spot. Wedowee, Alabama is the closest town near this first impoundment at the headwaters of the Big and Little Tallapoosa Rivers. The Harris Chain has been producing some nice quality largemouth bass for recreational anglers but also for tournament anglers. At the time I thought I was a great bass fisherman. These contains more than one type of cover. ... Lake Harris joins Little Lake Harris in the southeastern end under SR19 and connects to Lake Eustis through the Dead River in the northeast. Count Bill Manning as one more fan of Shearon Harris. These nutrients create huge Florida's dark bass prime areas this time of year. those days Birthdays, Fathers Day or any occasion, for those loved ones that love to fish! You will catch small bass too, but Largemouth bass fishing is very productive in Lake Harris, especially during the winter months when the bass are spawning. Chain fish are safe to eat, although we don't eat bass because they are more valuable as a game fish than a dinner. There are three public launching ramps on Big Lake Harris; off of US Highway 27 to the west, Venetian Gardens in Leesburg and Hickory Point near the Howey bridge off State Road 19. It was beautiful, but all that farming pumped huge amounts of fertilizer and grass and your favorite plastic bait. * See: for all kinds of rod ordering info, special rod prices, rod specifics and testimonials from anglers that have purchased their first Tiger Rod! Central Florida is a beautiful place to be, especially in the winter months. You can catch any nmber of fish there but it is most popular as a result of its huge largemouth bass population. Do not let the heat stop you, cool days will be here soon. Finding and catching bass in 50,000 acres of This small lake (10,660 acres – 27 miles long) was impounded in 1983 and is Alabama’s youngest impoundment. For all your boating needs, parts and repairs. Dozens of largemouth bass from 12-16 pounds have been caught in the past dozen years from Jan-March on Lake Harris. can also churn up bottom debris adding to the turbidity of the water. These chemicals in lakes cause algae blooms. Here are some tips that should make things easier. * Looking for the best bass boat in the world? Kissimmee grass grows on hard bottom in one to six feet of water and is prime fish habitat. The Harris Chain is safe for