It’s in the top drawer of my desk at home.” Chuck’s wife said, “Chuck asked me to put his list in our wedding album.” “I have mine too,” Marilyn said. But it is a decidedly uphill battle to enjoy a movie—no matter how sus- 19 penseful or hilarious or moving—with nonstop gabbers sitting within earshot. She once fell in love with a man serving a life sentence in prison. One of those things should not be in parallel form. It was too hot indoors to study I decided to go down to the shopping center for ice cream. Provide as many specific details and examples from your own experience as you can to show why this practical advice is essential to succeeding. I’m not afraid to die, said Woody Allen. “I was born in Brooklyn. He spots the broken bottles and begins to run toward them. He and his family just returned home from a trip where they received incredibly poor service at their hotel. That candy is delicious. . Singers, dancers, and actors performed 10. magician and assistant bowed and disappeared CHAPTER 7: Fragments Introductory Activity (page 162) 1. verb 2. subject 3. subject . What are some transitional words and phrases that Deepak uses in his paragraph? What is the topic sentence for the first supporting paragraph of “My Job at the Crescent Falls Diner and Truck Stop”? Apostrophes 342 27. Her voice is never loud or clear enough. lan71866_ch05_p126-149.indd 131 9/4/09 12:37:35 PM 132 PART 2 Writing Effective Paragraphs ACTIVITY 4 Transitional Sentences Here is the other transitional sentence in “My Job at the Crescent Falls Diner and Truck Stop”: But even more than the low pay, what upset me about my job was the working conditions. General: types of TV shows Specific: cartoons, reality shows, ACTIVITY 6 ______________ , ______________ What Ideas Have in Common Read each group of specific ideas below. Authors who are writing to persuade may give facts, but their main goal is to argue or prove a point to readers. About Support 2. People talk while they watch television or sports. It seems that community problems bring people together. The kids taunted• him because he was skinny; they belittled• him because he had acne that pocked and blotched his face; and they teased him because his voice was squeaky. 6. I thought my prayers were answered when my mother decided to 6 move during the summer before sixth grade. • We planned to have a late dinner. c. Because it gets thirty miles per gallon of gas, it offers real savings on fuel costs. She is moving to Manchester, Vermont, after her divorce. 2. their 5. it 3. they 7. Then include Tony’s reply, using the words Tony responded. These folks were probably not the pride of Poughkeepsie, but they were refreshingly nonjudgmental. she’s 5. The list can include specific reasons why the experience was a success or failure and specific details supporting those reasons. . EXAMPLE • At the gym, Dirk asked his friend to spot him on the free weights. • He quickly brought her into a trance. After 2. But it can also come after forms of the verb be (is, are, was, were, and so on). She 4. What holiday is your favorite? The spell-check function tells you when a word is not in the computer’s dictionary. Look at the paragraph that you revised in Activity 4. Most noodle soups at the Vietnamese restaurant contain beef broth, flat rice noodles, and fresh basil leaves. Good descriptive writing involves the reader’s senses. The work was physically very hard. . Consequently, we moved to Boston and lived with Aunt Jean and Uncle William Avery in a tenement• building for two years until Mother had saved enough money to bring us back to Detroit. 3. Specific School Courses My courses this semester include Accounting I, Introduction to Computer Science, Business Law, General Psychology, and Basic Math. c. a doctor. 1. Librarians help students with their research by locating different sources in the library and online. I would stay out drinking until 3:00 A.M. on school nights. Or does the author allow whatever her feelings might be for Moore to show in her writing? The breakfast meeting at the hotel costed the company over five hundred dollars. 1. In item 1, add ed to spill. 4. 7. . I listened to (you’re, your) advice and bought a Toyota Prius because (it’s, its) hybrid engine should save me money at the gas pump. Harry took a deep breath. 2. One of the boys, demonstrating the competitive spirit for which Scouts are renowned worldwide, announces to the rest of the troop the rules in the Best Sound Made from an Empty Good-n-Plenty’s Box contest, about to begin. desert a stretch of dry land; to abandon one’s post or duty dessert last part of a meal Copyright © 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. “So zazen does zazen” (paragraph 2) means a. in the writing process there should be no separation between the writer and that which is being written. • She looks at the patient. 9. Provide specific details that make your reader understand why you remember it so vividly. 4. What do they seem to have in common? • She came home and looked in the mirror. EXAMPLE I use a flash drive to store my computer files. Joe and Julie give a New Year’s Eve party every year. d. Sister Helen decided to repeat the assignment in every one of her classes. There was only one burner working on the old gas stove. 8. Desk 4. When it had finally (c) to a depth of six inches, he gave his permission for the children to skate on it. Use concrete details—actions, comments, reactions, and so on—to help your readers see what happened. d. none of the above. b. Pat Moore dressed up like an elderly woman over two hundred times. If you do not have direct experience with the subject, you should at least have indirect experience—knowledge gained through thinking, prewriting, reading, or talking about the subject. When I want to relax, I grab a cold soda, open a bag of chips, turn on the TV, and I like to watch whatever sports game is on. The grocery clerk won the Mega Millions lottery working at the supermarket. . ACTIVITY 6 Using Semicolons Insert a semicolon where the break occurs between the two complete thoughts in each of the following sentences. 3. Do you provide sufficient details for the reader? We all stared at the man with curly purple hair in the front row of the theater. Have you noticed the problem of noisy audiences in a movie theater? The stained-glass window was broken by a large falling branch. e. Using your topic sentence and three supporting sentences and adding the details you have generated, write the first draft of your paragraph. Why or why not? . Or if you discover while typing that a sentence is out of place, cut it out from where it is and paste it wherever you wish. Which of the following would be the best alternative title for this selection? At the library, the librarians helped me find online journal articles. c. Write a direct topic sentence for your paragraph. One of the men got ready to leave work at four but put his coat away upon seeing his boss. It became such a problem that the school sent letters to my parents telling them that I would not be joining my classmates for commencement if I didn’t show up for class once in a while. 4 Work with the Material Go back and reread passages that were not clear the first time through. When I was a teenager, I could have made life easier for myself by being more flexible and open to change. Try to figure out what the problems are and suggest ways of fixing them. People who really care about improving themselves will find the time to do it, such as during the early morning, at breaks, and during the lunch hour. WRITING COHERENCE Exploring SUPPORT UNITY EXPLORING 2E JOHN LANGAN [ [ 2E The daughter of Filipino immigrants, Tatiana is in her early 20s. Write sentences using than and then. . Selecting Details That Fit Copyright © 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. The delivery driver asked, “Would you mind signing for the package?” Quotation Marks to Set Off the Titles of Short Works Titles of short works are usually set off by quotation marks, whereas titles of long works are underlined or italicized. Running is an exercise that can be good for you mentally, physically, and emotionallly. b. divorce was less acceptable than it is today. I would have quit if the company had not raised my salary. She is winning a victory over shyness. Give me a break! unanimous . September Activity 5: Using ’s to Show Possession (page 346) 1. singer’s voice 4. psychology . I raised the shades to let in the sun. Incorrect Them tires are badly worn. A good writer should be able to sit down and write a paper straight through without stopping. As always, remember to write several drafts of your paper and to edit it carefully. lan71866_ch09_p195-208.indd 196 9/4/09 12:40:08 PM CHAPTER 9 Sentence Variety I 197 3. Did you love this place because your grandparents lived close by? __________ appeared in my dreams. lan71866_APB_p597-608.indd 608 9/4/09 2:31:15 PM APPE N DIX Sentence-Skills Diagnostic Test Copyright © 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. 5. The long, curled fibers of the shag seem to whisper as you walk through them in your bare feet, and when you squeeze your toes into the deep covering, the soft fibers push back at you with a spongy resilience. to the lofty” (paragraph 2) means a. b. c. d. unclear. The word affluent in “And this is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this from an individual who simply was not affluent. He never yelled at me or expressed anger, disappointment, or even sadness. My father’s frequent trouble with the law made it necessary for me to grow up in a hurry. .” Patty pauses thoughtfully and continues. Then write the capitalized forms of the words in the spaces provided. End your essay by explaining what you think will happen in the future if the problem of youth gangs is not addressed now. Because Mother worked long hours, she was never home until just before we went to bed. 3. A group of volunteers removed trash in the neighborhood park. Not only is this person a poor salesperson but also he or she has a negative attitude and lacks leadership qualities. For example, you might describe what our countryside, lakes, and oceans might look like if we continue to use plastic containers that do not degrade naturally. Then write the standard form of be, have, or do in the space provided. 7. Worst of all, even her teacher seems to forget her existence much of the time. To help me sleep better, I learned to quiet my mind through meditation. b. content. 4She gives us topics to write about and gives us a due date, but when the due date comes around, we have to remind her that they’re due. The four bases are essential to effective writing, whether it be a narrative paragraph, a cover letter for a job application, or an essay assignment. Don’t we, Harry? After choosing a topic, spend a few minutes making sure it will work. The fire in the fireplace crackled merrily. My sentences contain no misplaced or dangling modifiers; it is clear what each modifier refers to. 7. Causing frequent vibrations inside. It usually consists of an opening point called a topic sentence followed by a series of sentences supporting that point. For add additional materials on Chapter 27, visit She hadn’t realized before just how much casual attention was paid to her because she was young and pretty. Those there squirrels are pests. A single sailboat made them (rise, raise) the drawbridge, stopping traffic in both directions for fifteen minutes. Another example Cialdini cites is the “lowball tactic” in car sales. 2. Because I spoke English without an accent and was known as Julie, people assumed I was American. The reporter interviewed the striking workers. Most people like this game very much. 6Every day something different is damaged. “Then I no longer be your mother!” We had many similar exchanges. 10. Understanding them is an important first step toward mastering a number of sentence skills. The following is a paragraph written by a student named Mike Cornell about his worst job. As part of his editing, Mike checked and corrected the ____________ of two words, customers and minimum. For add additional materials on Chapter 8, visit . Can you borrow lan71866_ch37_p537-584.indd 572 9/4/09 1:50:49 PM Human Groups and Society 573 or rent? Copyright © 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. 5. Taiyaba dropped a coin into the slot machine, pulled the lever, and was waiting to strike it rich. January . b. YouTube and MySpace are successful because they are easy to use. A film on endangered species really depressed the students. To help find subjects, cross out prepositional phrases as necessary. • They gathered up their books and backpacks. d. fundamental. . Copyright © 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a sport in which many different boxing and martial arts techniques are used. 1. Through coordination, we show that ideas are of equal importance. Nonetheless, he is a good man; I love him very much, and I respect him for being a responsible husband and father. In freewriting, you write on your topic for ten minutes. Use the three basic spelling rules to spell the following words. lan71866_ch37_p537-584.indd 581 9/4/09 1:50:50 PM 582 PART 4 Readings for Writers READING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS 1. 10. The winter clothes in the hall closet (takes, take) up too much room. If you cannot come up with a solid outline, then you know you need to do more prewriting to clarify your main point and its several kinds of support. Johnson provides three pairs of examples: two job-application letters, two passages about living at home, and two love letters. Reading moved me. 180 A Warning: Words That Can Lead to Run-Ons Correcting Run-Ons 181 Method 1: Period and a Capital Letter 181 Method 2: Comma and a Joining Word 184 Method 3: Semicolon 186 Semicolon Alone 186 Semicolon with a Transition 186 Transitional Words 187 Method 4: Subordination 188 Dependent Words 188 9. Commas 365 29. What are some details that support the second reason? . They knew that a sudden cold snap (a) only the surface. It’s tougher to care. Here are examples: In my job as a cook’s helper, I prepared salads, sliced meat and cheese, and made all kinds of sandwiches. Each time you think of something to put in, ask yourself whether it relates to your main point. I could not stand up straight. We are the richest country in the world, and we should be able to provide for individuals when they can’t provide for themselves. The tragedy is that it is mostly young people like these who are being killed and who are doing the killing. I had walk all the way up to our fifth-floor office because elevator was broken. much as we all claim to hate commercials on television, we don’t seem to have any qualms about turning ourselves into commercials. Which sentence best expresses the selection’s main point? 3They must learn—even if they have had no experience—to change fuses, put up curtains and shades, temporarily dam an overflowing toilet, cook a meal, and defrost a refrigerator.
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