Looking over Geonosian Brood Alpha’s kit his strengths are his leadership ability, his high base Health stat and his Queen’s Will unique. 4 Star Geonosian Brood Alpha gameplay for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes today! I have done this battle multiple times before when I am bored and want to get the most entertainment from my 20 energy, but this time Geonosian Brute did not recieve the bonus protection from the lead. Geonosian Brood Alpha T-Series Tactical Droid (Increased chance) General Kalani. Just try not to feel bad if you put this team on defense and it gets blown up by Jawas or a Darth Traya and Sion counter. The Geonosian Brood Alpha in the Leader slot makes this squad nigh on unbeatable. His tank abilities keep everyone alive, and have the ability to call for a mass assist on a single character. Use Brood Alpha in the combat mission that requires Poggle, Sun Fac, and Geonosian Soldier and try to spawn his Geonosian Brute. His ship, Hounds Tooth, also gets a huge health and protection boost as well. No brute is spawned, and no ally is on the field. Power up Geonosian Brood Alpha with this brand new pack! 70 Nute Gunray. Geonosian Brood Alpha. Specific Strategy: Keep in mind that Geonosians are a hard counter to JTR. The Geonosian Brood Alpha in the Leader slot makes this squad nigh on unbeatable. Don’t overlook the Relic value he adds to his ship, making him a solid contributor to a 2nd or 3rd arena squad. I just did the Geonosian battle in Territory Battles and my Brood Alpha's summon would not spawn. Geonosian allies have +15,000 Max Health and Max Protection, and +50% Health Steal. Use GBA in Poggle/Sun Fac/Geo Soldier Combat Mission and attempt summon. Geonosian Brood Alpha T-Series Tactical Droid (Increased chance) General Kalani. – If possible make C-3PO go second. 3 Darth Vader 85. At the start of the encounter, summon a Geonosian Brute who Taunts for 1 turn. GameplayHow often does the bug occur? Kill order: Geonosian Brood Alpha, Geonosian Spy, Geonosian Soldier/Poggle the Lesser, Sun Fac. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Since you have to keep GBA alive to gain the benefits of the Queen’s Will unique and the Hive Mind buff, and given his 51,021 base Health is second in the game only to General Grievous , percentage Health boosts are the best route to take with Geonosian Brood Alpha. 5 Geonosian Brood Alpha. 3 Wampa 85. Geonosian Brood Alpha Lead Synergy: Geonosian Synergy: Geonosian • Hive Mind. 3 Hermit Yoda 85. Relics greatly enhance his health, protection, and offense, so putting as many tiers of relics goes such a long way, even if the rest of the clones don’t have any. Hive Mind: Assist whenever another Geonosian ally uses an ability during his turn, dealing 50% less damage; equalize Health and … During the conversation with CG_Carrie on the Escape Pod…Cast, the Developer made it sounds like GBA would be vital to those guilds who plan on taking the Geonosian Arena by force. The Geonosian squad is known to be one of the most powerful in the game. If you can give your GBA and Brute a high enough health and protection pool through a Relic, it should keep the rest of your Geonosians protected and able to dish out constant barrages of damage. Jedi Knight Anakin XI. Battle PvE with a Queen's Will zeta'ed Geonosian Brood Alpha. Bossk XII. 2. As far as fleet stats, don’t be surprised to climb ranks at an absurd rate once you relic Fives. I went into that fight could not spawn brute ether and Pog was gone before fighting started. Bossk is a powerhouse for every Bounty Hunter team. Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesPlatform:iOSWhat type of device are you experiencing the issue with? After bringing Darth Vader to Relic 7, he can take out half of a Top-50 Arena rank Darth Revan squad, solo a Geonosis team with trash Empire characters to buff his speed, and take on any other non-Galactic Legends teams. The unique for sure . A caste-based species separated by positions of drones and warriors, Geonosians were born into hives with each led by a queen. Replies. Potency is much more important after the July 2019 Geonosian rework as Geo Spy now can Expose all enemies with his Illicit Intel special. I recently applied the Zeta to Geonosian Brood Alpha's unique, "Queen's Will," which summons a Geonosian Brute at the start of battle. 65 Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Can any Geo experts give me a little advice on this? 2 Bossk 85. Geonosian Brood Alpha 85. 85 ... Geonosian Soldier's Starfighter 85. Essential for an effective Geonosian squad are the Geonosian Brood Alpha as the leader, with Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosian Spy. Geonosian battle in TB - GBA’s summon would not spawn. 1 Rey (Jedi Training) 85. Hive Mind provides sustainability to the squad and players should focus on healing the Geonosians whenever possible by using Conscription. CG_PI: Geonosian Brood Alpha brings a lot to the table with summoning and his Hive Mind ability. Without him… The other Geonosians are, of … July 24, 2019 2:53PM. Relic Bossk adds to his already massive health and protection pool, and will continue to generate value when his taunt ability is used. Connection Type Wifi Please select your region Other Country South Africa ‌ I was battling through Darkside Node 8-A Hard just for fun, and Geonosian Brute did not recieve the 15,000 max health and max protection from the Brood's lead, "Geonosian Swarm". 0. Ran into my first Geonosian team this GAC. Only a single Geonosian, nicknamed Klik-Klak, survived the Imperial sterilization of their planet. – If possible make C-3PO go second. Their rise to prominence only started after some key reworks and the additions of Shaak Ti and General Anakin Skywalker. Next mission I used my night sisters and I got all 5. Then wait for the right opportunity to strike with Glaive Sweep and expose the … If Vader is quick and strong enough, he can get the jump on an entire squad and wipe everyone in a single turn. Once you Relic Emperor Palpatine, you kill two birds with one stone in an instant. I’ll admit this is a tough farm. DESCRIPTION: Darth Traya's Isolate on Geonosian Brood Alpha doesn't expire when applied to Geonosian Brute summoned unit When another Geonosian ally is defeated, reduce the cooldown of Conscription by 1. Drones were capable of becoming warriors if they proved themselves worthy by successfully de… Connection Type Wifi Please select your region North America Country USA ‌ Attached images show before and after using the Alpha's Conscription ability. Gamorrean. Brood alpha looks fun! I tried a 105,000 GP CLS (G12.3), Solo (12.3) … Fives is an essential SWGOH Relic because of his zeta ability, Tactical Awareness, and the extra juice his ship will get for fleet battles. Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesPlatform:Android PhoneWhat type of device are you experiencing the issue with? The clone engineer was then ordered to the recently deployed AT-TE. Running on Google Pixel 3 Android 10 March 5 patch level for OS. A jet trooper was called in, and managed to get the Holocron to Checkpoint Alpha. Geonosians got so much better with him and potentially could be annoyingly … 85. It was not present at the beginning of the battle, and it would not appear from using the ability to summon it either.Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I noticed a similar issue with the turret not being summoned by my arc trooper in the Defense of Dathomir event -- the turret wasn't present in the first 2 waves, but showed up in the third wave. They soon destroyed the droids to prevent the balance of power from swinging. The third mission I tried I started it with 5 FO characters but the fight started without executioner so I again started with 4 rather then the 5 selected characters. GameplayHow often does the bug occur? Some Relic characters become so powerful that they can solo entire squads. Use Brood Alpha in the combat mission that requires Poggle, Sun Fac, and Geonosian Soldier and try to spawn his Geonosian Brute.Connection Type WifiPlease select your region North AmericaCountry USA. Bastila Shan XII. Counter Team Resistance (JTR L) Subs: Chopper, R2-D2, C-3PO, L3-37, General Kenobi, Enfys Nest, Any leftover Resistance.
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