In 1917, two years of undergraduate education were required for admission, and in 1924, it became a graduate degree program. The Admissions Committee will consider requests for two-year deferrals. * Fee Waiver. any person...any study. The Admissions Committee will review your entire application, but will also focus on any significant changes since your prior application. In preparing your application, keep in mind that it is helpful if you give us some sense of the nature and extent of your involvement; if the name of a group or organization is a little mysterious to the uninitiated, it might be helpful to describe briefly the mission or purpose. x, Welcome to the Cornell Law School community, Cornell Law School is a small, top-tier law school located in stunning surroundings of natural beauty. The Law Department at Cornell opened in 1887 in Morrill Hall with Judge Douglass Boardman as its first dean. x. If you will be applying as a visiting student, please email the Admissions Office for detailed instructions. General LL.M. Please help us improve our site! and J.S.D. Our Financial Aid Office normally does not award institutional scholarship assistance to transfer students. 514 College Ave (240.89 mi) Ithaca, NY, NY 14853 . Matthew D’Amore is a Professor of Practice at Cornell Tech and in the Law School at Cornell University, and currently serves as an Associate Dean at Cornell Tech. In 2018, Cornell Law initiated an early admission transfer program that grants conditional transfer admission based upon one semester of grades. We offer a rigorous legal education program designed to prepare our graduates not only for admission to the bar, but also to be effective, ethical participants in the legal profession as well as leaders in the global community at the highest levels. Because we seek curricula that are both broad and deep, we also recommend that you take challenging courses in your chosen core field and that you branch out and test yourself in areas outside your comfort zone. Log In. The Admissions Committee will generally grant an admitted applicant a one year deferral if it is requested in writing by May 1, and if the following are submitted by their respective deadlines: The deadline for the following items is the beginning of February. We recommend, therefore, that you study subjects that are challenging and interesting to you and that you follow your academic passion. Accepted transfer students are almost always in the top 10 to 20% of their first-year class. Academic standards can be found in the Law School’s Student Handbook. The number of candidates who are placed on the reserve list and are ultimately offered admission varies from year to year. 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Friday An entering class typically represents 40 or 45 different majors. The April 15 enrollment deposit is refundable and a refund may be granted upon request if submitted by May 14, 2020. Creating materials that help people understand law. Programs at the law school can be supplemented by the rich academic resources available in other units of Cornell University. Registrar/Dean of Students (607) 255-7190 No, visiting students may not apply to transfer. program requires 84 credit hours to graduate, the maximum time frame for degree completion is 126 attempted credits (150% of 84 credit hours). Register with the LSAC Candidate Referral Service, and if you are selected to receive a waiver based on our selection parameters, we will notify you by email. For purposes of this regulation, the degree GPA will be used. 44 people like this. Some atypical majors that we think provide particularly good training for law school are computer science, mathematics, classics, and physics. Inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading statements, or failure to update, can result in withdrawal of admission offers, honor code proceedings, dismissal from Cornell Law School, rescission or cancellation of any degrees you may have received from Cornell Law School, or other disciplinary sanctions. Admissions Policy. Additionally, 90% of our transfer students miss the deadline to participate in our August Job Fair (AJF) or successive On-Campus Interviews (OCI). Student at Cornell Law Cornell Tech LL.M. Combine law with management training. CRS fee waivers are processed soon after each LSAT exam (the absence of a GPA on record with LSAC will not preclude you from consideration).
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