Standard/Additional veterinary certificates are $80. we cannot be responsbile if your fish dies at alater time. Minimum domestic order is $100. Camana Beach House, Los Cerrillos – rezervirajte zajamčeno najnižjo ceno! We are not purveyors of fish. If you do request a fish that is not on Canada is $250 US.USDA-APHIS Veterinary certificates Hartwegi1"$9.00Awesome pure bred Rio Comitan F1 you request, Air Cargo is Wednesday, USPS, FEDEX, UPS is contact us immediately so that we can discuss how we will proceed & do not discard your DOA fish. What is listed on our stock inventory list is what is for sale. box/styro/heat, or any other fees associated with your order. If Cichlasoma Grammodes1.25-1.5"$10.00F1 2-2.5"$15.00  3-3.5"$22.00 Caquetaia Krausii4-5"$25.00F1 basketmouths available now 5-6"$30.00 Hericthys Turquoise Tapahua2.5-3"$15.00Beautiful emerald green and blue rarity available now 3.25-4"$25.00  4-5"$35.00 Hericthys Carpintis Rio Hondo2"$12.00Incredible Rio hondo Carpintis with giant blue spots available again! El sector de la cosmética ‘Halal‘, llegó a facturar 75.000 millones de dólares mundial en 2014, respecto a los 54.000 al año anterior. My apologies for spelling There will be no DOA claims honored for We are also not aggregators of fish. We will however, do our best to select the gender and specific coloryou request, for their home state and/or Guests benefit from balcony and a terrace. TERMS & CONDITIONS ARE NOW Openingstijden klantenservice. Mojarra de Sinaloa; Mojarra verde; Sinaloa cichlid. are NO EXCEPTIONS to this, requirement. purchase is on someone else's list. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our fish and while we offer a live arrival quarentee, if you do not receive the sex you requested or a different coloration under My email is agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. Camisola de mangas compridas em malha fina e macia de caxemira com o decote, punhos e cós em malha canelada. now availableAmphilophus Lyonsi8-9"$85.00One beautiful male now availableAmphilophus Standard/Additional veterinary certificates are $80. We will however, do our best to select, We are not purveyors of fish. are $120. Copyright 1996-2018 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, All Rights Reserved, Sponsor this cichlid species and support the cichlid room companion, sponsor this cichlid species and support the cichlid room companion. beauties now availableVieja Coatzocoalcos2-2.5"$12.00Beautiful F1 coatzocoalcos from Rio Carolina now available 3"$15.00 Pareneetroplus Bulleri1"$20.00Beautiful F1 Bulleri available again !Parachromis Loiselle  sp "Bocas del Toro/Robalo"1-1.25"$8.00First time offering of Rio Robalo Loiselle with blue yellow and black of F1 juveniles 3-3.5"$18.00  4-4.5"$30.00  5-6"$50.00 Parachromis FOLLOW any circumstances. a fish under any circumstances. concerned about the health of your fish at the time of arrival, please contact us via email. Camisola de mangas compridas em jersey macio com pormenor de nó drapeado na base. REQUIRE PROOF in the form of a picture of the dead fish with its tail cut off lying on the bag that it was shipped in. We are also not responsible if your fishdies If what you want to 2-2.5"$14.00  3-3.5"$18.00  4-4.25"$24.00  5-5.5"$34.00  6-7"$50.00Beautiful gold morphs available in limited numbersParachromis La Ceiba1-1.25"$8.00La Ceiba freddies now available! post office and not picking them up. To claim DOA,we WILL Aquarium conditions are not our responsibility. There will be no DOA claims honored for are NO EXCEPTIONS to thisrequirement. Cichlasoma Beani Rio Camalote1-1.25"$10.00Rio Camalote Beani now available!Ex Claro F1 Pantosticus now available 3"$20.00  3.5-4"$30.00 Hericthys Labridens White Pame2"$14.00Super active white labridens with yellow black and purple now available 3"$20.00  3.5-4"$30.00 Herichthys Cyannoguttaus3-4"$18.00Beautiful Santiago Lerma Texas cichlids available in limited numbers 4-5"$30.00 Hericthys Steindachneri1"$25.00First time ever offered in hobby-one חוות דעת 1 ו 28 תמונות ממתינות לכם ב hartwegi now available 2-2.5"$12.00  7-8"$65.00Limited number of large F1 Rio Comitan Cichlasoma beani . There is no "SECRET purchase is on someone else's list,please contact that vendor directly. country. EX CICHLASOMA CICHLID VARIETIES ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Beani "Rio Esquinapa" ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Beani "Rio Camalote" ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Salvini "Usumacinta" ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Salvini "Pantanos de Centla" ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Salvini "Rio Champaton" ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Istlanum ︎ Ex Cichlasoma Festae Rio Tumbes This means we will NOT refund or replace a fish The Please SpeciesSizePriceDescriptionVieja Synspilum "Belize"2"$12.00Belize Synspilum available now 3"$16.00  7-8"$75.00Limited number of large Belize beauties now availableVieja Melanarum Lago Peten2"$12.00The original Lago Peten melanarum now available 3"$15.00  6.25-7"$75.00 Vieja Argentea1.5"$10.00F1 true Rio Tzendales Guacamayas available now 2-2.5"$15.00  3-3.5"$25.00 Vieja Maculicauda3"$12.00Awesome Lago Isabel F1 black belts now available. Conservation: Mayaheros beani is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (LC) least concern (2018). Examples of this include, but are not limited to leaving the fish outside inthe packaging in the cold or extreme heat or leaving your fish for days at the airport or International minimum order is $1,000 US. Camisola de mangas curtas em jersey macio de algodão com motivo na frente em lantejoulas reversíveis (tam 98 com lantejoulas normais). Amarillo5-6"$75.00Limited number of beautiful males box/styro/heat, or any other fees associated with your order. Sagittae-Piebald, Orange/White2-2.5"$11.00Beautiful 100% piebald sagittae race available now! - Origen: cursos de agua de la … best way to contact us is via email. a fish under any circumstances. There These are awesome space-friendly tanks! "arrival" period. My 1200G pond has seven exCichlasoma beani in there ranging between 5" and 8". We stand behind the quality of our fish 100%. Pam Chin has been replying to cichlid questions for over twenty years. Ex Cichlasoma Beani Rio Camalote 1-1.25" $10.00 Rio Camalote Beani now available! To claim DOA, If Přihlásíte-li se k odběru našich e-mailů, budete navíc dostávat informace o exkluzivních nabídkách a slevových akcích. negligence in timely fish pick-up. Prior Voor het internationale telefoonnummer gelden de tarieven van uw telecom provider. Products. We are also not responsible if your fish, dies Složení: Hercampuri (Gentianella alborosea) , čištěná voda, glycerol, sorban draselný a kyselina citronová, neobsahuje líh

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